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We are on a mission to make financial services accessible to everyone. Our payment app and contactless prepaid card turns your smartphone into an ATM and PoS terminal on the go! Bank account or not, use EmbassyCard for a safer and secure way to pay.

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Embassy Card
Embassy Card Embassy Card Embassy Card

EmbassyCard solves your personal or business needs using digital cash and contactless payment

EmbassyCard is your innovative digital cash solution formed by a mobile app and a top-up contactless payment card that turns your NFC-enabled smartphone to an on the go ATM and PoS terminal! Usable for residents and visitors to Nigeria, Africa. Avoid ATM queues, seamlessly send money to loved ones, pay contactless, and always stay ready for business with EmbassyCard.

Our mobile app and cards are used together to take and make digital payments. EmbassyCard merchants are places to shop and withdraw funds out with our cards.

We serve personal and merchant accounts and we can be used for those with or without a bank account - so we all can benefit from contactless payment to minimise handling cash. We even have a free customer type option to help give some the start they need. We make going cashless simple, easy, and inclusive.

For Personal

Register as a Customer to gain personal spending insights, send money to friends and family, shop online, pay safely using contactless, and withdraw cash out at EmbassyCard merchants. EmbassyCard turns your NFC-enabled smartphone into your own ATM so you avoid long queues and spend more time on the go.

For Business

Have a business? Register as Merchant to settle funds, attract customers, and take payment safely by accepting contactless payment with EmbassyCard. EmbassyCard turns your NFC enabled smartphone into a PoS terminal transforming any location into your shop. We also provide business insights to keep your business healthy and strong.

Embassy Card

Why choose EmbassyCard

It is safer to carry digital money on a secured card where your money is protected. You load money on the card and your digital cash is available to spend straightaway for shopping, pay bills, travel, eat out, make purchases on-line or give gifts to family and friends. It brings you a new world.

  • Manage your money digitally. Our app turns your NFC enabled smartphone to a personal ATM to avoid long queues and digital cash tool to track spending, send money, and more.
  • Make and take payments using contactless. Don’t miss that sale but stay safe!
  • Taking payment is easy with EmbassyCard. Our app turns your NFC enabled smartphone into your PoS terminal to accept payment or load money
  • You can still use EmbassyCard even with no network connection or power
Discover EmbassyCard for Customers Discover EmbassyCard for Merchants

Work trip or holiday travels? EmbassyCard makes life easier for that too.

When travelling abroad today, it is convenient and safer to have the money you need in digital form- whilst already in the destination’s accepted currency to spend and explore.

Get one of our cards, EmbassyCard LITE, and have the currency you need as digital cash. Top-up the card with digital cash to pay contactless during your travels in Nigeria, Africa. Get introduced to tourism places in the process and no bank account is needed to top up the card! .

Upon your arrival, we’ll help locate an EmbassyCard merchant to top-up your card with digital cash. Use your LITE card to withdraw physical cash and to pay contactless for goods & services at EmbassyCard merchants around the country.

When you leave the Nigeria, keep the card for when you return and use again. It opens up your travel experience.

It takes minutes to join EmbassyCard

Choose your account type – Customer or Merchant?
Confirm your phone number and create EmbassyCard account details
Choose card and confirm any banking details
Account registration complete! Download the EmbassyCard App
Welcome to EmbassyCard! Log into the App, your payment card is on its way

What we do for you

We move with you

EmbassyCard makes your physical cash accessible in digital form - so you can carry your money wherever you go.

We grow with you

With features like Card-to-Card to send money to loved ones instantly, EmbassyCard evolves with your changing financial needs, ambitions, and responsibilities in life.

We start with you

No bank account? No problem. EmbassyCard also offers personal customers a free entry level package for those without a bank account. We also support those with a bank account or those who want to start one - so the whole family can benefit from us.

We champion you

Businesses can also join EmbassyCard, to use their phone as a POS terminal with our app and turn any location into a sale opportunity. We show our card holders their nearest EmbassyCard Merchants to make purchases. We also give sales insights, to help businesses keep expanding.

Your money is safe with us

Your digital cash is stored securely in EmbassyCard which you can lock and unlock at anytime and anywhere to make payments.

Your personal data is protected by encryption at all time.

Your physical cash is protected by Deposit Insurance by your bank.

You can take money out of the card at anytime and anywhere.

Using the Cards and App together

There’s a flexible start to EmbassyCard. Across two account types, you have 3 cards to choose from - LITE, Green, and Gold. These contactless prepaid payment cards have different capabilities with the EmbassyCard app to send money, load, deposit and more. Spend with our cards online or in-person at EmbassyCard Merchants to buy goods, services, or even withdraw cash. Invite others to EmbassyCard, so they experience the same benefits too!

  • Lock and unlock our card using the app to digitally keep your cash secure
  • Use our card at approved EmbassyCard merchants, retailers and institutions online or in-store.
  • Find the nearest approved merchants or retailers on the EmbassyCard app.
  • Send money to friends and family using our card-to-card app feature
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